Welcome to Evolve Mindfulness

Evolve Mindfulness is a Community Interest Company (CIC) located in the beautiful and unique county of Cornwall.  Our vision is to offer secular mindfulness training courses and mental health support to communities near and far, through virtual and face to face courses. We are a team of registered health professionals who invite people to become more present with their minds and bodies through evidenced based courses and approaches.

Mindfulness training courses have proven results with a range of mental and physical challenges including stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and illness. They have also been hugely successful in helping people flourish in their hobbies and sporting pursuits, as well as to simply lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Mindfulness courses are having a hugely positive impact in schools, with both young people and teachers benefiting greatly. You can read more here about the impact on mindfulness in schools. Mindfulness training has also become popular in the workplace, both in public and private sectors.

We believe a mindful approach to living is the key to leading a balanced and fulfilling life, regardless of the challenges you may be faced with. Read more about mindfulness-based programmes, their development and the research that underpins them.