Evolve Mindfulness (CIC) was established in 2020 by psychologist and mindfulness teacher Laura Howard. At Evolve Mindfulness our vision is to offer mindfulness-based courses to individuals, families, schools and work place settings throughout Cornwall and the South West.

Evolve Mindfulness has chosen to collaborate with a number of professionals from health and coaching backgrounds, all of whom have been handpicked for their vast wealth of experience and expertise, as well as their professional ethos and values. In addition to the evidence-based courses and workshops we run, we are also able to provide bespoke programmes and workshops to schools, businesses, charities and other work place settings, where we draw on the skills and expertise of our collaborators to create a truly unique health and wellness experience. When you  connect with Evolve Mindfulness, you will be guided through the process of which course best suits your needs, whether you are looking for something for yourself, your family, school or work place.

Laura Howard (BSc, MEd, PGCE, PGDip) – Psychologist & Mindfulness Teacher

Having completed her degree in psychology, Laura went on to become a qualified teacher with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). She worked for a number of years in various settings, including in schools for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.  Laura then went on to qualify as an Educational Psychologist and worked as an HCPC (Health Care Professions Council) registered psychologist supporting young people, families and schools, before setting up her own psychology practice. Over the years Laura has woven more and more evidence-based mindfulness interventions into her work with excellent outcomes for her clients.  Laura has completed a post-graduate diploma in Mindfulness-based Psychological Approaches from the University of Exeter.  She is now a BAMBA (British Association of Mindfulness-based Approaches) registered mindfulness teacher.  Laura believes whole heartedly in the approaches that she teaches and in their ability to help nurture a deeper understanding and awareness. Laura lives in Penryn in Cornwall with her husband, three children and an array of animals. She loves singing, riding, wild swimming and sailing amongst other things. Laura teaches many of the mindfulness courses offered by Evolve Mindfulness, including the courses for schools. She also works closely with Rich on the Mindful Leadership Programme.

Rich Howard – Mindful Leadership & Outdoor Coach

Rich is a former Royal Marines Officer who has had the great privilege of leading Royal Marines on operations around the globe. He also holds a BEd (Hons) in Outdoor & Science Education and has taught and led young people of all ages from primary to under-graduate education. Rich now blends his personal experiences of leadership, both in education and defence, to create dynamic and unique leadership and team development programmes. Rich has designed programmes for individuals, educational groups and corporate teams, bringing a wealth of experience and an empathetic, intelligent approach to learning. His style is creative and engaging, and he relishes opportunities to collaborate with other professionals. In is spare time Rich enjoys being on the water, either sailing, surfing or kayaking as well as enjoying quiet walks in nature. He also has a keen interest in protecting and preserving the natural environment – in particular rewilding and sustainability. Rich works closely with Evolve Mindfulness on the design and delivery of the Mindful Leadership programme. He is also available for collaboration on bespoke programmes where he brings high level outdoor coaching skills in kayaking, sailing and climbing, as well as expert knowledge around bushcraft and survival.

Dawn Howeth – Children’s Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher

Dawn has been teaching yoga, relaxation and mindfulness practices to children in Cornwall since 2010. She trained with Calm for Kids and The Mindfulness in Schools Project following a career in publishing. For many years she has been a board member of an academy trust and part of an award-winning pastoral programme. Dawn is a trustee of a children’s charity in Cornwall and a wildlife volunteer. During the global pandemic she been busy writing a book for parents about relaxation and mindfulness tools that can help children and young people experiencing sleep problems. Dawn has a real gift when it comes to working with young people. This combined with her skills and experience make her an excellent teacher of all our courses for schools and young people.

Mike Casey – Integrative Health Coach

Mike has been coaching people form all walks of life for nearly 20 years.  He worked in the corporate wellness industry in London for a number of years before returning to Cornwall and setting up his own personal coaching business.  On behalf of the NHS, he has also piloted a very successful programme, aimed at improving patient health. Mike has a rare combination of in-depth knowledge and skills that allow him to work with the whole person, providing coaching and guidance around physical conditioning, sleep, hormonal imbalance, nutrition and stress management. In his spare time Mike enjoys rugby, football, walks in nature and meditating. Mike collaborates with Evolve Mindfulness on bespoke workshops and programmes as well as holding informative seminars.

Will Howard – Physiotherapist

Will is a highly experienced physiotherapist with a deep knowledge and understanding of the complex mind/body connection.  Will has worked all over the world as part of multi-disciplinary teams offering comprehensive, whole person care to a range of groups and individuals, including top-level athletes. Will has a comprehensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and has helped hundreds of individuals to rehabilitate from injury and manage pain.  He does this by building a compassionate and empathetic relationship with his clients communicating the origin of their pain, and in turn leads them sympathetically through the rehabilitation process, including pain management techniques. Will is interested in how mindfulness offers people the opportunity to have a different relationship with their pain. In his spare time Will is a keen cyclist and surfer.  He collaborates with Evolve Mindfulness on bespoke courses and workshops as well running informative health related seminars.

What are Mindfulness-based Approaches?

Mindfulness-based approaches (MBA’s) are a beautiful collision of modern psychology with ancient wisdom. They mobilise our human capacity to heal and thrive
 whilst honouring our individual differences. MBA’s see all humans as whole and complete, just as they are. Rather than trying to change or fix a person they gently
 work to allow each individual to practice getting to know themselves – to cultivate a new relationship with themselves that is infused with kindness, compassion and judgement-free. From this evolved relationship we can truly start to flourish and thrive in this complex journey called ‘life’.

MBA’s are secular and have had a place in the western world for over 40 years. They have been used successfully to support people living with a variety of mental and
 physical challenges including stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. More recently MBA’s have evolved to provide guidance with parenting, education and other work place settings as well
 as with young people and the specific challenges that they face in the twenty first century.

MBA’s are distinct from stand-alone mindfulness sessions and/or courses in that they are evidence based and have received rigorous academic scrutiny from the Universities of Oxford, Exeter and Bangor. To that end MBA’s are recognised by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and Mindfulness-based programmes are also offered 
by the NHS.