Cultivate Nuture Flourish


"Great course! So glad I signed up for it.  Had my reservations as to whether it was the right thing for me at the start but the benefits I gained from it grew with every session.  Laura is an excellent teacher who guided us effortlessly through the course and helped us make the most of every session.  Thank you so much!"

MBSR Participants – Autumn 2020

"The course helped me realise that stress is normal and that there are ways of dealing with it."

. (dot) b Participant (Year 10)

"I wasn't sure how much I would get out of the course being a frantic person who had done very little meditation.  But the course has been wonderful and has taught me how to come back to the moment in stressful situations.  I've also learnt how not to judge myself and to be kinder to myself.  I loved the analogy of the clouds passing over being like thoughts passing through our minds."

MBSR Participant – Autumn 2020

"Laura knows and and understands children.  She has a depth of knowledge and experience about the issues that children face, both socially and emotionally and has used this to great effect when working with groups of children.  Laura's experience is broad and, as a result she has been able to support children with a variety of needs from those who suffer with acute anxiety; children with communication difficulties and those who can be behaviourally challenging.  Laura works with parents and families and she also works closely with staff.  Laura has had a very positive impact on our school"

Primary Head Teacher – 2019

"Very worthwhile, deliberately slow paced.  Definitely the best investment to myself this year!"

MBSR Participant-Autumn 2020

"We are so much happier on every level but most importantly as a family.  I cannot thank you enough, you were such a guiding light and support.  Words cannot express how grateful we are and what a difference you have made to our lives."

Parent – 2018

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