What we offer

At Evolve Mindfulness we offer mindfulness training and mental health support to individuals and groups within the local community through courses, workshops & seminars. We are also able to offer bespoke mindfulness-based programmes to a variety of work place settings.

The mindfulness training courses that we teach are the ‘Gold Standard’ within the mental health and wellness industry.  They have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and also to alter our relationship to aspects of ourselves such as chronic pain and illness.  At Evolve Mindfulness our vision is to help people to become more aware of the habits of their minds and bodies in order to alleviate mental and physical discomfort and to promote an overall sense of wellness. We do this by offering individual sessions, workshops, courses and seminars across Cornwall and throughout the Southwest.

Mindfulness training has been successfully implemented across a broad variety of settings including schools, hospitals, emergency services, the military as well as the business community. To find out how Evolve Mindfulness could support you, your family or your place of work contact us and we’ll be in touch.