At Evolve we offer the opportunity to spend some One2One time with Laura, either for mindfulness coaching or for a cognitive assessment.  We offer One2One coaching online from the comfort of your own home.  The cognitive assessments are carried out in a beautiful setting just outside of Falmouth.

Individual/Couple/Family Mindfulness Coaching

Evolve Mindfulness offers the opportunity to further and deepen your mindfulness by spending 1:1 time with a trained teacher allowing you to explore in more depth the principles of mindfulness and how they may be applied to your life.  We are also happy to work with couples and families who wish to explore mindfulness together.

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‘Know Your Mind’ Cognitive Assessment

Give your child the gift of knowing what their mind is capable of, of knowing what kind of thinker and learner they are.  Drawing on her skills and experience as a compassionate teacher and educational psychologist, Laura will carry out a full cognitive assessment looking at the processes that underlie your childs thinking and leaning.  She then writes a detailed ‘jargon free’ report for parents and teachers but most importantly she writes to each child using age appropriate language to convey the results of the assessment allowing the child to feel empowered and confident in how they learn and think.  She also offers recommendations and strategies to be used at home and and in school to help the child flourish in their new found learning identity.

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